Handmade Cooking Pot / Handi – Black Pottery


This product is handmade and molded manually.
100% Eco-Friendly.
Made from completely natural raw materials.
Heat retention property.
Chemical Free.

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Cook traditional, cook happiness! This ornamental looking Earthenware Clay cooking pot is perfect for a small, happy gathering. Made from natural raw materials, this Earthenware Clay Cooking pot also has a good heat retention property, so you can chat away with no worries or hassle of re-heating your food over and again. This exotic Earthenware clay pot is fully handcrafted without the use of any machines from 100% natural and biodegradable materials and hence does not contain any harmful or chemical substances.

Height – 12 cm, Diameter – 25 cm


1. Since Black pottery is made from grounded and powdered rocks especially Serpentine and weathered rocks, they are made of all-natural raw materials. The cane finish on some of the items is also natural and 100% eco-friendly.

2. No machines were used in making the potteries since the mixture is pounded, kneaded, and molded tediously by hand tools. All the products are handmade where the artisans mold the products with hands, no machines or electrical supplies are used.

3. The raw materials used in making the potteries are completely natural since no chemicals or artificial products are used.

4. Black pottery items are naturally biodegradable due to the raw materials used in making these fine pottery items.

5. By purchasing a Black Pottery product, you not only contribute to the environment but also towards a sustainable means of living for the impoverished countless families in the villages who make these wonderful works of art.

Weathered rock and Serpentinite rock are the two main raw materials used in this pottery. How the process begins is with two of the rocks being powdered and mixed with water in a ratio of 5:3 to form a clay-like consistency.
The mixture is kneaded for one long day and is flattened on a wooden board for the slab work. The highlight of the Pottery is that it is not made on the potter’s wheel. Each and every item is molded by hands and tools. A dried and hard clay will be put to the kiln at high temperatures, in the next step. The pot is also usually finished by rubbing the surface with beeswax giving it a nice shine. Cane strips are then woven through incisions made by skilled basketry artists. They are very earthy, still so contemporary.
These pots and pans can be used for cooking over gas stoves or firewood. They come in handy for almost all uses and renders elegance to your interiors.
The pots are good for simmering or slow cooking for hours over a low flame, condensing meat, and lentils. They have special features that retain the heat and freshness of cooked food for a long period. The raw materials used in the pottery are completely natural and no chemicals are used. Ideal companions in cooking, storing food, and decorating your house. By buying this pottery, you bring into your home, a rich culture, maintained with great care.


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