Mother Loving Baby Art Work


Mother Loving Baby Art Work

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  • BAMBOO Artwork – Beautiful Wall Hanging Bamboo Handcraft Work. for Home Decorations and It will enhance the Beauty of Your Home.
  • “UNIQUE – Handcrafted, unique tribal products made from locally sourced materials, including mega silk, wood, bamboo & cane.”
  • Weight of the product – 734 gm
  • Colour May Be Slightly Different Of This Product Depends Upon Device Resolution
  • Artworks are drawn on Straw Mats by the Rich North-Eastern Culture of Tribe Brought Right at Your Doorstep. These Beautiful Crafts Are Well Rebound Handcrafts For Gifting & Home Decoration. Hand-woven Straw Mats with Precise & Perfect Edges Bonded Together With Superior Weaving Pattern. Bamboo And Cane Are Vital Parts Of Social Structure Here. A Wide Variety Of Baskets, Pails, Rain Shields, Structural Elements, Haversacks, Accessories, And Tools Are Made With The Versatile Bamboo. The Bamboo Mats Are Woven In A Warp Of Red Dyed Cotton Yarn And Weft Of Very Finely Split Bamboo. These Mats Are Popularly Used As Painting Canvas. Craftsmen Of North-East India Are Known To Make The Finest Bamboo Splits, Which Are Used As Weft And Woven Into A Cotton Or Polyester Warp.
  • Size :- 11’’


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