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  • Organic, Non-Toxic, and renewable resources
    Handmade Products. All the Longpi products are handmade where the artisans mold the products with hands, no machines or electrical supplies are.
  • This pottery is full of natural goodness and minerals and believed to cure morning sickness
  • Completely Biodegradable. Longpi pottery items are naturally biodegradable due to the completely natural raw materials used in making these fine pottery items.
  • No Chemicals used..The raw materials used in making the potteries are completely natural since no chemicals or artificial materials are used
  • Traditional cookware used extensively in the North-East with amazing health benefits
  • Cook traditional, cook happiness! This ornamental looking Earthenware Clay cooking pot is perfect for a small, happy gathering. Made from natural raw materials, this Earthenware Clay Cooking pot also has a good heat retention property, so you can chat away with no worries or hassle of re-heating your food over and again. This exotic Earthenware clay pot is fully handcrafted without the use of any machines from 100% natural and biodegradable materials and hence does not contain any harmful or chemical substance
  • The material used in Longpi is made from a mixture of Black serpentine stone and weathered rock which are mixed in a three to one ratio. The strength is provided by the Serpentine rock and the weathered rock acts as a binding agent. There is no use of chemicals, machines, or wheel in the making of this pottery, and hence it’s very hygienic. Its also known to prevent morning sickness for pregnant women. even though made from stone they are astonishingly light contrary to the popular belief that stoneware is heavy. This natural material retains the heat for a longer time than regular cookware.


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