Clay Cooker (3 Ltr.)


People have been cooking in clay pots for millennia. We make 100% Healthy, Non-Toxic & ‘Green’ cookware for you. Is unglazed, made from tested pure clay, so you can enjoy the healthiest food. Cooking in all-natural clay utensils is as new as tomorrow and as old as time itself! And till today, it is.

Clay – Cooker (3 Ltr.)

Cooks everything which an ordinary cooker cooks

Maintain the regular taste of food.

Easy to utilize and wash.

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When you cook rice in a clay cooker, it not only cooks fluffy and better tasting, the nutrients are saved as well. A balanced proportion of nutrients keep body functions healthy and its ability to produce insulin slowly improves again. These cookers take longer to heat and use a slower cooking process, helping to retain the natural moisture and natural aroma present in the food. The cooker comes with a handle grip on both sides and one wooden handle on the top of the cover.


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